Back to (Being) Back

Hey everybody! After (what seemed to me like) an eternity of not being able to write, I’m back! I wouldn’t say that I have very many skills but one skill I do have (a bit too much than I should) is the ability to disappear just like that. I don’t choose to do it (I […]

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It Is What It Is

Hello! Don’t we all have assumptions about what things should be like? And mostly about what life should be like, thanks to many fairy tales and movies made ‘perfect’ with a happily-ever-after. Life may be happy or sad or complicated. It is what it is, but it also is what we allow it to be. […]

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Man’s Best Friend

Hello! I love all kinds of animals. If you’ve been here before, I’m pretty sure that you’re not surprised. Though my family has only human members as of now, I’d love to have a fluffy adorable pawed friend in my home. (Yes. I definitely pester my mom and dad for the same.) I’m lucky to […]

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Lesson Learned

Hello! Experience is the best teacher, but do we pay attention? Sometimes we’ve to learn from other’s experience instead of waiting to experience it on our own, simply because some experiences leave brutal scars. I don’t know if I’m the only one who does this, but I tend to do the same mistakes and eventually […]

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Friendly Neighborhood Intruders

Hey! Aren’t we lucky to have so many different kinds of creatures around us? Life on Earth would be pretty dull without them.. Can you even imagine a world with just one species? My mornings are fun specifically because of the tiny intruders I get to meet on a daily basis… I enjoy following them […]

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Misfit At My Fittest

Hello, you wonderful person! Hope you’re having an awesome day! Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about my good old school days.. It’s funny how it feels like it was a 100% happy experience when I look back at it now, though I’m really sure that’s not the case (my diary says so.. DIARIES, to […]

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Chasing The Wind

Hello all! You might be familiar with the phrase “chasing the wind”. It refers to anything that serves no purpose. In the words of a wise man in the Bible, “it is meaningless”. I can guarantee that ALL of us have chased the wind at some point of life.. Most of us probably do it […]

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Goodbye, July!

This month was definitely eventful for me.. I went on a different kind of journey with one of my best friends as my guide.. A journey of abundance.. A series of meditation.. I wasn’t sure how it would help me at first but I joined her anyway.. But it surely helped me a lot.. It […]

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Tanka Time!

Hello! Ever heard of Tankas? You haven’t? Seriously? Me neither. 😁 Tanka is a kind of Japanese poetry, like Haiku. While haiku has a 5–7–5 syllable structure, Tanka has the 5–7–5–7–7 structure. Came across the term randomly. Thought I’ll give it a try. I tried to get myself in the mood to write by thinking […]

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Injustice In Justice

Hello.. Today is the World Day for International Justice… Which is a piece of knowledge I wouldn’t have come across if I wasn’t studying the course I ended up with (When I say that I ended up with it, I definitely do not mean it in an I-Had-No-Choice kinda way.. It just took me long […]

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